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IDTech IDT Macsa

The Series F-1000's compact design and adjustable marking head make it perfect for installations in complicated production lines and environments. And best of all, with MACSA's exclusive software you can link multiple F-1000 systems for even greater control and increased production. So, whether you are marking labels, cardboard, PET, glass, or wood the Series F-1000 delivers clear, accurate marking you can count on.

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Matthews Laser

The new e-SolarMark CO2 laser marking systems are available for standard and washdown applications. With no consumables and an average life of 30,000 working hours, these systems provide efficient coding of alphanumeric texts, dates, timers, serial numbers, bar codes, 2D codes and graphics on a wide range of materials. Right out of the box, Solaris Laser systems can be setup for both stationary and on-the-fly installations.

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Metal Marking - Etching - Indenting

Matthews offers a wide variety of Indent-A-Mark® products for indenting and embossing. These range from heavy duty, production line indenting machines and programmable stylus markers to tool steel, hand stamps. This technology is primarily used to mark metal, automotive, and machined parts. Our steel dies can be manufactured with intricate detail for brand recognition marking. Type can also be used to indent chipboard and foils as well as brand codes in molded plastics and vinyls. Indenting technology is useful for marking on products which require long production runs, precise mark registration and controlled marking.